Changes in the Instagram API broke i-am-cc. Metadata is still being served via the API, which may allow for finding CC-licensed images even with the Instagram changes. It may be possible to fully fix this service but I haven't had time.

You may be interested in my new Creative Commons-related project: Encycla, a better way to share knowledge on the web.


Just visit /api/. The API is RESTful and should be self-describing. Please be kind for now - we haven't set up limits, etc yet.

In a browser you'll need to add the ?format=json query string. Outside of the browser you don't.

The API uses the conventions of the tastypie framework. In particular, you can filter based on attributes. Some info here.

Simple examples

For instance, to find all photos by the instagram user philipn, you would do:


Or to find all photos licensed under CC-BY you would do:


To find all photos under CC-BY-SA that are taken with the 'Hudson' instagram filter, you would do:


More soon. Help out by issuing pull request on github!

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