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fancycookinmofo (fancycookinmofo)

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Look at this pile of mint. It's an insane amount to be using in a single meal much less a single salad. And it's a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the mint forest growing in my side yard. Last year, I doted over my herb garden. My anemic, scrawny, barely chartreuse collection of sprigs that I called a herb garden. My herb garden qualified for a handicap placard on it's windshield. FEMA kept dropping care packages on my herb garden because it had such a pale complexion. Then came the winter of neglect. Now I have a deep forest green healthy and vibrant jungle of mint. I can mojito myself right into a celebrity rehab. Aaaand, just like that, I've forgotten what the point was I was trying to make. <sips drink> <stares> #hashtag
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