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fancycookinmofo (fancycookinmofo)

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We need to have a talk about instant mashed potatoes. Yeah, I rarely use them. Maybe the last time was a year ago, maybe more. But others use them often. And we need to discuss them. Not all are created equal. Some aren't even made of 100% potatoes. Can you believe it? The industrial chefs are substituting out the CHEAPEST INGREDIENT ON EARTH!! So, if you're not using this brand, look at the ingredients list and tell me if it's not 100% potatoes. I bet you're surprised right? Others will be too. C'mon. You're safe here. I'm making these tonight. No shame if you use them too. Let's talk brands and ingredients in a safe environment. How much hydrogenated oil is in yours? Did huh know it was in there? This is important. Let's talk. #food #fakefood #discuss
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