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fancycookinmofo (fancycookinmofo)

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Today was Charlie's 13th birthday. He got a birthday cake and some special squeaky toys as well as an understated tennis ball befitting of such a dignified old man. Our other JRT, Annie, is so dominating that we locked her in the laundry room to enable him to have a moment's peace with his cake & gifts. You may think that he should have the balls to stand up to her...but you be wrong. Those were cut off years ago. Uh, no buddy. I still don't know who did that to you. Yeah, me too man. I'd totally pop a cap in their asses too. <ahem> Whoever they are. <whispers> I can't bring myself to tell him. 😳🔨😳🔪😳🔫 Happy birthday Charlie!! #dog #jackrussellterrier #love
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